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Basic eligibility guidelines:

  • The applicant must be an existing patient/client at one of our hospitals and the treating Veterinarian initiates the application process.

  • The applicant must obtain a diagnosis and treatment plan before applying.

  • Animals must be spayed/neutered or be spayed/neutered during treatment, if possible.

  • We cannot pay veterinary bills for treatment that has already been done.

Additional eligibility requirements:

  • You must first have been denied for Care Credit AND ScratchPay.  

  • Our resources are allocated first to those pets whose lives are in danger.

  • Funds are not guaranteed, and will not exceed $1000.00 per pet, per household.

  • We do not provide funds for costs associated with euthanasia or the burial of a pet.

  • The pet must have a “good prognosis” as determined by one of our Veterinarians to be eligible for assistance.

  • The pet in need must be an "owned," family/companion animal.  We currently do not provide assistance for strays, rescue organizations, or fosters.


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