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"Men are what their mothers made them." - Ralph Waldo Emerson

Anna and poodle 10182018.jpg
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Anna Thomas was "just one of those ladies."  One that everyone liked.  One that everyone wished they had as a Mom...a Grandmother...and a Mother-In-Law.

Her love of animals was evident her entire life.  She owned pets at almost every stage - and made sure that her son, Michael, was raised with them as well.  And how grateful we are that she did.  

Anna and poodle 210182018.jpg

In addition to her son, grand kids and family, there were 2 things she really loved:  Miniature Poodles...and shoes!  She must've had at least 100 pair (shoes, not Poodles).  

She did have quite a few Poodles throughout her life.  And loved each and every one of them.  When it came time to create a logo for Anna's Pet Care Fund...well, it was pretty easy.

3 poodles10182018.jpg

Her son, Dr. R. Michael Thomas, is now President & Owner of Noah's Animal Hospitalsthe largest group of locally owned, family operated veterinary clinics in central Indiana. 

Anna was so incredibly proud of her son, and loved helping at the animal hospitals however she could.  She would make scarves for the dogs that were being boarded or groomed.  She loved visiting the clinics and seeing all the cats & dogs her son was caring for.  

She passed away at the age of 87 in 2005.  In her honor,            Dr. Thomas created Anna's Pet Care Fund, to try and ensure that all pets have a chance at a life full of the love, care and devotion that his Mom gave to all of her animals.  And to everyone she loved.  

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