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These are our success stories thanks to YOUR donations.  THANK YOU!



This family of 7 boys sure loves their girl.  Oreo is a young Lab mix who was brought into one of our emergency hospitals with a large laceration on the inside of her rear leg.  She had just came in from outside when the family noticed it. 

Their funds were limited, as one of their boys has a very serious illness and they've been overwhelmed with medical bills.  With the use of Anna's Pet Care funds, we were able to to repair the wound and send this sweet girl back home with her family.  



This is the cutest little dog...who had a pretty big problem. And thanks to your donations, we were able to save her and send her home with her Dad.

Bebe had an obstruction in her throat and needed it removed right away. Thanks to your donations to Anna's Pet Care Fund, we were able to fund the gap her owner needed to save her. It turned out to be part of a gristle bone, and with an endoscopic procedure it was safely removed.



Brent couldn’t have been happier about his recent adoption of this adorable, orange kitty from a local shelter. He named him Officer, and quickly fell in love. His happiness, however, was short lived. Officer stopped eating and he knew his new feline friend was ill.

He brought Officer to see Dr. Katter at our Carmel location, where a very large mass was found in his stomach. X-rays revealed that there was definitely something “foreign” in his belly. Brent was faced with a terrible dilemma: he couldn’t afford the estimate for the surgery that would hopefully remove the obstruction; he couldn’t take Officer back to the shelter…he had already fallen in love with him. The other alternative…was unthinkable.


Dr. Katter made it her mission to try and help Brent save Officer. She made phone call after phone call, and sent email after email, trying to help figure out the best way to save him. They were able to work together to come up with the funds for the surgery. Officer had his surgery and the mass was removed; it was a bunch of rubber bands!



Our friends at FIDO responded to a phone call from a Veteran, frantically searching for help for his injured dog. She had accidentally gotten loose and had been hit by a car, and couldn’t put any weight on her front leg. To make matters worse, this man (who goes by the name Tumbleweed) had no transportation and very few resources. Having recently fallen on hard times, he didn’t have many material things…but he had his dog. Her name was BB Queen, and she is Tumbleweed’s world.

FIDO picked up BB Queen and with the help of SOAR: Street Outreach Animal Response Initiative, they were able to get her x-rays which revealed a dislocated elbow. And that's when they contacted us. At just 1 year old, everyone wanted to give her the best chance of a life with all of her legs. Our very own Dr. Katz & Dr. Petersmann stayed over 3 hours past their scheduled times to save BB Queen’s leg. We are thrilled to report that her procedure went well, and she is recovering and back home with her Dad.



Maddie is a 13 year young pup who decided to stick her head through a fence...and got stuck. While pulling and twisting her head trying to free herself, she lacerated her skin over 90% around her neck. 

Her family took her to an emergency hospital, but the estimate was not within range for this family.  They brought her to us for a second opinion, and we did not feel that we could suggest euthanasia.  She had a treatable condition but a financial problem.  

Thankfully, she had little to no damage to the underlying muscles, nerves, and vessels. Our team flushed her wound, debrided and sutured her skin together. 



Janetta's story is on its way!

Sweet Pea.jpg


This precious 2 year old Chihuahua is the constant companion of a Navy veteran who suffers from PTSD. Her owners brought her in to our Veterinary Specialty & Emergency Care hospital on the south side of Indianapolis after she accidentally fell and broke her front leg.

Her family was unable to afford surgery for her, and the thought of surrendering her to a shelter or rescue was unbearable. Thanks to your generous donations, we were able to use Anna's Pet Care funds to help Sweet Pea and send her home with her family.

Your donations made the difference in the life of this family and this little dog. Helping people keep their pets is what this fund is all about...and we can't thank you enough.



Misty's story is on its way!

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